I’m trying to sketch more, I always say I’m not good at figure drawings, but I want to be, so I have to remember the only way to progress is to practice. However I have no patience, and I want to just be good at things. I get frustrated when I realize they require more practice than I’d expected, and I want whatever I make to be worthy, so if I think it’s not something I can do well I just skip it all together, which doesn’t help my cause. So this is what I’m doing. Sketching in my down time, in between calls, at lunch, and any other chance I get, and it’s things that don’t necessarily mean anything to me, or have any significance. I’ve even got a makeshift sketch book at my desk at work, so that I can get past the (irrational) fear of “wasting” good supplies.


I like to skip right to the painting part because I think that will be the most fun. I forget that I’ll be more satisfied with my outcome if I’ve mastered or at least worked out a sketch before hand.


So this is where I’m going to spend some time for now. Getting comfortable in my sketch book again. Doing something everyday, if not multiple somethings. I’m also working on some things for an up coming art show in my area, so I’ll post more of that later. I can tell you that what started out as some simple abstracts is morphing into a psychedelic intuitive piece heavily influenced by my new favorite record, so stay tuned for that.


4 thoughts on “Sketching

  1. Me three!! Always tempted to cut out the preliminary sketches and the main drawing for the painting, thinkin’ I can short-cut everything. But I’ve learned the hard way, they always turns out better with a little planning ahead of time to avoid the setbacks.

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