Reflection, acrylic on canvas 36x36in
MightyKaci 2015

This is the second painting completed during my intuitive painting workshop (Annie Lockhart Soulful Paintings). I love the layers and movement in this one as well.





Odyssey, acrylic on canvas 30x40in
MightyKaci 2015

This was an incredibly liberating piece to paint, it was completed in a 2 day intuitive abstract painting workshop (Annie Lockhart Soulful Paintings) and really opened my mind up. I’ve been craving an understanding of the intuitive painting process for a long time now and this was exactly what I needed to unlock it. I am very happy with this finished piece.


Mini paintings


Entered these two mini paintings in the local art show to raise money for the annual scholarship fundraiser awarded by the Art Club. Won’t know until Tuesday whether they sold in the show or will still be available for sale. The one above is adapted from a photo by Eric Hill (Poppies in the Sunset on Lake Geneva). The theme for the fundraiser was “spring and summer” and it had to be painted on 6x6x1.5in canvases. This was a lot of fun because they were so small.


Jason Loewenstein Interview

I love Jason Loewenstein.
And the rest of Sebadoh for that matter ❤ and you should too.

Great interview.

futile devices

Jason Loewenstein joined lo-fi pioneers Sebadoh in the summer of1989 and has been contributing to the band’s output ever since, writing small numbers of songs on each record. I spoke to him recently about Sebadoh, underwear, dreams and tours.

B: Hey, Jason.

JL: Hi!

B: So how are you preparing for your upcoming east coast tour?

JL: I am replacing the original bridge on my Rickenbacker bass for an aftermarket one, replacing a broken standby switch on my bass amp… Picking three new songs to learn and keeping an ear out for new songs from Lou and Bob… We are going to rehearse in Brooklyn the weekend before the tour.

B: It’ll be around 20 years at the beginning of this string of shows since you were on tour supporting Bakesale, how is the experience different for you now?

JL: If I understand it correctly your cells are regenerated every…

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