Layered Escape

I think this was the painting I got the most excited about during my painting frenzy last week. Its the most minimalist abstract I’ve ever done and it taught me more than I expected at every stage. I love how the colors vibrate off of each other and disappear into each other at the same time. This painting along with several others are currently on display in the Kinetic Massage Works Studio in Houston Texas .


Layered Escape, 2015

36 x 36 in, acrylic on canvas


I got the fever….

I’ve been severely slacking on my blog updates. So to make up for it prepare to be inundated for the rest of the week 🙂 . I have been really busy in the studio preparing for an upcoming solo show. This is one of my favorites partly because I love how fuzzy the left side is and I love the magenta peeking through here and there. I’m going to be working on some fun inexpensive pieces for my new Etsy store in time for the holidays, so as usual follow me here and on instagram @MightyKaci for updates!


Color Theory
36x36in acrylic on canvas