How much time have I spent trying to “learn” how to paint or how to “be” an artist? Searching for the right teacher who will teach me exactly what I’m looking for only to be let down, bored and disappointed with the structure of it all. Stressed and critical of my own process hoping my final product will be as expected and slightly relieved when it’s finished. The answer to that is too much, or maybe just exactly enough. I’m realizing its the process I enjoy, not the planning, not the perfection of it all, but the act of putting the paint to canvas. Of deciding its finished when meditating on it I can’t feel myself pulled to either add or remove any part. This realization comes after the last few months of creating and producing nonobjective and abstract art that I’m truly inspired by.
I know that the universe tends to give us what we need. Six months ago I walked into a local art club meeting for the first time, with no real objective other than to hopefully spark something inside me. I’d been feeling drawn to the idea of a more intuitive abstract way of creating but didn’t really know what that process entailed, just knowing it sounded like what I was after. By the end of that meeting I’d watched a live demo of a local abstract sensory artist and been given a flyer for a soulful intuitive painting workshop. I’ve since then taken workshops from both of those women, met several more amazing talented artists and done some research on nonobjective painting. I realize now that I wasn’t looking for someone to teach me how to do the art I wanted to do, I was looking for someone to give me permission to do the art I wanted to do. To open my eyes to the idea that art is whatever you want it to be however you want to do it. And for me, at this point at least, that’s organic and abstract and nonobjective and sensory and intuitive and natural and pure and raw. I feel good and deep and thoughtful while I’m making it. I am making art I can meditate on endlessly and that’s really satisfying. It’s funny how you spend all this time and energy and find yourself somewhere you never expected.




I’m trying to sketch more, I always say I’m not good at figure drawings, but I want to be, so I have to remember the only way to progress is to practice. However I have no patience, and I want to just be good at things. I get frustrated when I realize they require more practice than I’d expected, and I want whatever I make to be worthy, so if I think it’s not something I can do well I just skip it all together, which doesn’t help my cause. So this is what I’m doing. Sketching in my down time, in between calls, at lunch, and any other chance I get, and it’s things that don’t necessarily mean anything to me, or have any significance. I’ve even got a makeshift sketch book at my desk at work, so that I can get past the (irrational) fear of “wasting” good supplies.


I like to skip right to the painting part because I think that will be the most fun. I forget that I’ll be more satisfied with my outcome if I’ve mastered or at least worked out a sketch before hand.


So this is where I’m going to spend some time for now. Getting comfortable in my sketch book again. Doing something everyday, if not multiple somethings. I’m also working on some things for an up coming art show in my area, so I’ll post more of that later. I can tell you that what started out as some simple abstracts is morphing into a psychedelic intuitive piece heavily influenced by my new favorite record, so stay tuned for that.

Inspiration : Mel McCuddin


Totally obsessed with the work of Mel McCuddin right now, he is a Figurative Expressionist Artist from Idaho. The colors and shapes in his work are incredibly powerful.

More of his work can be seen from the link below.