New work uploaded!  

Finally got some new work uploaded!  Check it out!  HERE 😎😎


Free Art Friday

Remember to check my Free Art Friday Gallery for weekly stuff. I’m dropping a couple off on the mean streets of Humble, Kingwood and Woodlands Texas every Friday but I’ll usually be giving one away from Instagram too, just follow me @MightyKaci and repost!
This week’s goods…


These two smaller ones were stashed at the local Half Price Books, the bigger one will be the Instagram give,away.


This one is already gone, snatched from the Humble City Cafe.


Free Art Friday

I was racking my brain last night trying to think of a way to participate in #FreeArtFriday. Then it finally came to me… #Virtualfreeartfriday! I live and work outside the city which makes it too hard to get something put out in an area  people would be playing along, so I decided I’ll just do a free art Friday giveaway on my instagram! Yay!! So if your interested go follow me there and repost for your chance to win this little guy (Creekside).


Creekside, acrylic on canvas 6x6in
© MightyKaci 2015


Gold Rush


Gold Rush, acrylic on canvas 18x20in
MightyKaci 2015

Completed this one pretty quickly while helping my best friend through her painting. We had a lot of fun and made a huge mess! Always nice to paint with another person. 💚💙


Jason Loewenstein Interview

I love Jason Loewenstein.
And the rest of Sebadoh for that matter ❤ and you should too.

Great interview.

futile devices

Jason Loewenstein joined lo-fi pioneers Sebadoh in the summer of1989 and has been contributing to the band’s output ever since, writing small numbers of songs on each record. I spoke to him recently about Sebadoh, underwear, dreams and tours.

B: Hey, Jason.

JL: Hi!

B: So how are you preparing for your upcoming east coast tour?

JL: I am replacing the original bridge on my Rickenbacker bass for an aftermarket one, replacing a broken standby switch on my bass amp… Picking three new songs to learn and keeping an ear out for new songs from Lou and Bob… We are going to rehearse in Brooklyn the weekend before the tour.

B: It’ll be around 20 years at the beginning of this string of shows since you were on tour supporting Bakesale, how is the experience different for you now?

JL: If I understand it correctly your cells are regenerated every…

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